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At Chrysalis our approach to pricing is straight forward and the prices we offer are some of the most competitive in the cosmetic surgery market. We have invested in the latest technology and we operate from a new state of the art day case hospital which focusses on patient safety and quality, but we believe that with effective management we can deliver a very affordable service.

We continue to look at what we offer patients, and we can offer combination procedures and treatments as a bundled price with some of our non-surgical services being included in your treatment plan at no additional cost.

When comparing prices make sure that the type of Lipo being offered is the same and check what is included and what is not! Also unlike some of our competitors we won’t negotiate on cost nor will we price match.

Finance Options

It is easy to spread your treatment cost with us over 24 to 60 months. APR 12.9%

Our Finance Options are made available through Chrysalis Finance Limited.

We have a range of terms to suit your budget.

Have a play with our Finance Calculator. Simply enter the cost of your treatment and your preferred terms of repayment and see how much the monthly repayments are.

A minimum 20% deposit is required.

The choice is yours, so drop the figures in and see how it looks.


Vaser® Lipo Sculpture



48 Months

Vaser 1 Area From  £ 2,235  £ 448   Apply Now
Vaser 2 Areas From  £ 3,275  £ 656   Apply Now
Vaser 3 Areas From  £ 3,915  £ 784   Apply Now
Vaser 4 Areas From  £ 4,555  £ 912   Apply Now
Vaser 5 Areas From  £ 5,195  £ 1040   Apply Now
Vaser –  Arms  £ 3,595  £ 720   Apply Now
Vaser –  Neck  £ 3,275  £ 656   Apply Now
Vaser – Chest  £ 3,675  £ 656   Apply Now
Vaser – Full Abdmonen  £ 3,915  £ 784   Apply Now
Vaser – Full Thigh  £ 3,915  £ 784   Apply Now


MicroAire® – Power Assisted Liposuction



48 Months

Liposuction – Small Area  £ 1,995  £ 400   Apply Now
Liposuction – 1 area  £ 2,475  £ 400   Apply Now
Liposuction – 2 areas  £ 2,395  £ 480   Apply Now
Liposuction – 3 areas  £ 3,775  £ 756   Apply Now
Liposuction – 4 areas  £ 4,395  £ 880   Apply Now
Liposuction – 5 areas  £ 5,035  £ 1,008   Apply Now


Non Surgical Procedures


DESO (Body / Face) Fat Dissolving Injections  £ 300
Cristal Cryolipolysis  £ 399


It is important to highlight to potential patients that all “symmetrical regions” are counted as a single area. That means that say for example when we talk about the “Flanks” sometimes referred to as “love handles” then one area means that both sides are treated. Some providers will treat this as two areas and charge you accordingly.

If you have any concerns or confusion regarding how many areas you need treated please contact our staff and they will be able to advise.

Finance options
Also, through our finance partner we can offer interest bearing loans over a maximum of 48 months at a fantastic 12.9% APR, which again is market leading for cosmetic surgery finance.

We have listed below our headline price list and also we have a finance calculator which will give you an indication of what your monthly payments are likely to be if you want to use our finance partner.

Finance Calculator – Click Here

At Chrysalis Lipo we are delighted to partner with Omni Capital Retail Finance Limited, which offers finance via DEKO, the UK’s fastest growing online provider of consumer credit. DEKO has a specific focus on the healthcare market and offers a simple and quick online approval system which will give you a decision within 10 minutes.Click here to find more information on our finance products

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Finance Complaints

If you have a complaint that relates to the performance of our finance service provider; if you believe that you have been mis sold any products or services; or if you believe that there have been any financial irregularities in your dealings with La Belle Forme, your complaint will be dealt with through our standard complaints process. In these cases, if you feel, after the complaints process has been completed that you are still not satisfied with the outcome you can raise your issue with the Financial Ombudsman Service whose contact details are as follows:


Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR



Phone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123