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When you look in the mirror or step outside your home, the way your clothes fit and look on you has a significant impact on how you feel about yourself.

Body shapes are wide and varied and can change overtime and perhaps due to significant life events, such as childbirth, bouts of ill health or simply aging itself!

These changes can be unsettling for some people and may impact on their self-esteem which may be a driving factor for wishing to take action to change their body shape or address persistent, troublesome areas of fat.

There are many conditions that Liposculpture can address as an individual procedure however in certain cases you surgeon may discuss a multiple or combination procedure to address your issues.

VASER Liposuction Edinburgh

Vaser® Liposculpture

Vaser® technology allows you to treat multiple body areas wether for volume fat reduction or using the Hi Def capabilities to sculpt smaller areas with a high level of definition.

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MicroAire Power Assisted Liposuction Edinburgh

MicroAire® – Power Assisted Lipo (PAL)

This system allows for volume fat removal, with minimal discomfort and bruising and is effective across almost all body areas that you would want to treat.

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Cristal Cryolipolysis Liposuction Glasgow

Cristal Cryolipoysis

Cristal Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive method for the treatment of local fat deposits by freezing. It has been used for gentle cooling and desruction of the fatty tissue for several years now and is a proven technique

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DESO Fat Busting Injections Glasgow

DESO Injections

DESO Body/Face are injectable products designed to treat stubborn localised pockets of fat. Areas such as the chin, the arms, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, inner knees, thighs and back or bra ‘rolls’, can be effectively treated

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Vectra 3D Imaging Liposuction Glasgow

Vectra 3D Imaging

Vectra XT 3D Imaging system which is a high tech, multicamera, photographic system that creates a 3D image of the area to be treated which can show an accurate representation of what you might look like after surgery. For larger body procedures we can use the system to do a do a complete 360-degree body shape scan.

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Chrysalis Lipo Surgeons Glasgow

Our Team

Our team comprises some of the most prolific cosmetic surgeons in Scotland with a wide breadth of skills and extensive experience in this highly specialised area of Liposculpture.

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